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Why Bl@ckbook

Why Bl@ckbook

Want to up your online dating game? Then you need Bl@ckbook.

You’re casting a wide net, and you’re finding that there are plenty of fish. But move beyond the initial witty banter, and online dating can be overwhelming. How do you remember all the many details about each of your many matches across multiple platforms?

In the olden days, people kept phone numbers and notes about dates in little black books they carried with them. Now there’s something better: Bl@ckbook. It helps you organize your online  matches so that you’re in command of the data. You’ll get farther and avoid embarrassing mix-ups if you show that you care enough to remember the details. 

Bl@ckbook. Because the best way to get attention is to pay attention. 

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How Bl@ckbook Works

Keep track of all your app matches from the first swipe. With Bl@ckbook you create entries of your favorite matches then add info you want to remember.

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Meet The Creator

Hi! I’m Cheri, landscape architect, mom to teenagers, rower, goalie, kidney donor, and founder of Bl@ckbook. When I re-entered the dating scene about five years ago I was overwhelmed with the amount of information I was receiving from potential dates. Admittedly, there were a few embarrassing snafus that led me to start writing the details down in a journal. I thought “there MUST be an app for this”, but alas, there was not.

Excited by the opportunity to make something new in the world, a bit stir crazy from months of quarantine, and inspired to make life easier for people, I embarked on the journey of founding Bl@ckbook.

As a non-tech and solo founder, I’m striking out boldly as a bootstrapped startup and I’m stoked to see where it goes. I’m always open to potential collaborations, suggestions for new functionality, and networking with other startups.

Want to get in touch? You can email me at or use the contact form below. Thanks!

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